Monday, August 29, 2022

Sweet Success Cucumbers

Our cuc vines have been pushing out some great cucumbers this year. These Sweet Success Cucumbers are so mild and sweet that they have quickly become a summer favorite. Sometimes when cucumbers get too big they become bitter to the taste but even when these sneaky cucumbers don't want to be found until they are giants we have been surprised to find they still have plenty of juice, crunch and continued mild flavor.  

I like to find ways to use them in drinks. The easiest and most refreshing way is simply by adding a few to your water. Throw in a couple lemon slices and mint leaves and you have a beautiful and energizing flavored water to keep you going throughout the day.

My kids can't pass up an after school snack and slicing up cucumbers with some of their favorite dips helps curb their hunger until dinner. Some of their favorites are simply ranch dip and hummas. Or why not sprinkle a few with salt, Tajin or drizzled with a bit of lemon?! Adding flavor keeps my kids from remembering they are eating something healthy. 

Do you have a favorite appetizer or beverage using fresh garden cucumbers? What is your favorite variety of cucumber?

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