Tuesday, May 29, 2012


S'Moreos Recipe

S'moreo's are a kicked up version of S'mores. Switch out the graham cracker and chocolate square for an Oreo cookie and Nutella. YUM! This is our new favorite campfire treat. You'll love it!

Oreo Chocolate Sandwich cookies
Large Marshmallows

Carefully separate one side of the Oreo cookie and spread Nutella on one side. Roast a large marshmallow however you like it. I'm not really a fan of setting my marshmallow on fire until it's charred. I like to get the nice gooey inside and lightly brown on the outside. Place marshmallow on the other side and then slap the two together. If you like Oreo cookies, you won't regret this tasty treat!

S'Moreos Recipe Using Marshmallows, Nutella & Oreo Cookies

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