Friday, March 5, 2010

Hawaiian BBQ Chicken Sandwich

In the summer we like to grill up chicken on the grill and make this yummy chicken sandwich. My mom mixed things up a little by cooking the chicken in a crock-pot, shredding it and adding the bbq sauce. We love it this way a whole lot better! More sauce for your chicken :)

3 Chicken Breasts
1 bottle favorite BBQ sauce (we like sweet and spicy)
Hamburger buns
red onion, thinly sliced
fresh pineapple sliced in rings (canned pineapple works too)
favorite sliced cheese (we like pepperjack or mozzerella)

Place chicken breasts in a crock pot and cook on high 4-5 hrs or low 7-8 hrs. Using a fork pull chicken apart until it is loosely shredded. Add bottle of bbq sauce and mix well. Continue heating chicken until warmed.

Lightly butter hamburger buns and broil in oven until browned. We like to fire up the grill to heat up our pineapple and get those nice little grill marks on each side but warming them up in the microwave is OK too. Assemble your chicken burger and enjoy!

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